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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

MHN Workshop on Building Healthy Families - Excerpt from February 20 webinar

A person with high levels of self-esteem has the following traits:

Feels good about her/him self
Has a basic sense of trust in self and others
Doesn’t exploit anyone
Gets along in the family
Has a sense of humor, and not at other’s expense
Forms relationships that are mutually enhancing
Cares about other people’s welfare (altruistic)
Learning, growing and communicating require taking the risk of failure and disapproval. Children with good self-esteem find it easier to ask questions, explore and stretch the boundaries of their known world. You can help your child develop self-esteem.

Never be stingy on hugs!
Focus on how your child has made a contribution.
Recognize the effort - not the achievement.
When commenting on behavior (positive or negative) be specific - not global.
When making a correction - criticize behavior not the person.
Find something positive to say when making a correction.
Overuse “I” messages.
When your child is discouraged - acknowledge the problem and demonstrate confidence.
Write a letter about how wonderful your child is ... and give it to him or her.

Practice good communication. Model the behavior that you want to see in your children.

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