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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Calling All Book Lovers!
AAFSW Seeks Volunteers for BookRoom; BookPlace
http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs176/1109815385219/img/10.gifMost State Department employees and family members know about Art & BookFair, the popular AAFSW fundraising event held every October in the State Department Exhibit Hall. But not everyone is aware of AAFSW BookRoom and BookPlace, where used books are sorted, priced, and offered for sale year round in the State Department HST basement.

What - and Where - are BookRoom and BookPlace?
BookRoom is a small area in the State Department basement where a cadre of dedicated AAFSW volunteers sort and price donated books throughout the year, preparing them for the October Art & BookFair. Many of these books are offered for sale in the AAFSW BookPlace, located in  the Foggy Bottom Mall in the HST building (down the hall from Bank of America). In BookPlace, volunteer cashiers are on duty from 12 noon to 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday, November through September. (BookPlace is closed every October.) Books of all kinds are available, and State Department employees and their families are welcome to browse and buy.

Though we are fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers, the needs of the Foreign Service require some of them to leave us for overseas posts. We are always happy to find new people who are interested in helping out. We welcome active duty and retired volunteers.

What Do Volunteers Do? 
Volunteers sort and price the donated books we receive throughout the year. Pricing varies according to each book. Volunteers also shelve the books in BookPlace, and serve as cashiers during the time BookPlace is open. 

When Do Volunteers Work?
Many volunteers put in a few hours each week, as sorters/pricers, shelvers or as cashiers. But if you are available only once or twice a month, we would still appreciate your time!

What If I Don't Have a State Badge? 
If you have a current diplomatic passport, you can go to the State Department Reception Desk and get a special visitor's badge that does not require an escort. Otherwise, new volunteers need to be escorted by the BookRoom manager or a volunteer with an escort badge. If you become a regular volunteer, we can submit a request for a State badge so you can easily enter the Department.

I'm interested in art. Do you need help with Art Corner? 
Yes! Art Corner is a big part of the October Art & BookFair, and our Art Corner team works for much of the year sorting and pricing international art and craft donations. The Art Corner team can always use additional volunteers.

If you'd like to be part of a fun, dedicated group of Foreign Service family members, and can spare a few hours each week - or each month - please consider volunteering in BookRoom, BookPlace, or on the Art Corner team. If you'd like to join us, please contact the AAFSW office at office@aafsw.org or (703) 820-5420.
Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide
(703) 820-5420

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