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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nominate Outstanding Volunteers for SOSA and Tragen Awards

If you know someone at post whose extraordinary volunteer efforts have made a difference to the mission community or host country, nominate him/her for a 2013 Secretary of State Award for Outstanding Volunteerism Abroad (SOSA) or an Eleanor Tragen Award.

The SOSA program is sponsored and administered by the Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide (AAFSW), the non-profit organization supporting spouses, partners and employees. SOSA recognizes volunteer efforts at posts overseas for: remarkable service to the mission community; outstanding activities directed towards the host country; and exceptional service in emergency situations.

A panel will select one award recipient from each of the regional bureaus. Winners will each receive a certificate signed by the Secretary of State and a pin commemorating the awards event. Travel to Washington to attend the awards ceremony on December 3, 2013, will be paid by the individual bureaus. Due to the current freeze on discretionary monetary awards under sequestration, the normal cash component to these awards may or may not be provided.
Eligibility: All active American USG direct-hire employees, their spouses and family members over the age of 18, their EFM domestic partners and members of household are eligible. Nominations for the SOSA awards should be sent to the AAFSW Office by e-mail to office@aafsw.org or by fax to 703-820-5421.
The Tragen Award is sponsored and administered by DACOR, an organization of Foreign Service professionals. This award recognizes a spouse, family member, EFM domestic partner, or member of household who has effectively advocated and promoted rights, programs, services, and benefits for FS families. The recipient will receive a certificate by DACOR Bacon House Foundation. Due to the current freeze on discretionary monetary awards under sequestration, the normal cash component to these awards may or may not be provided. Nominees must agree to attend the December awards ceremony (held in conjunction with the SOSA program) if selected. If posted outside Washington, D.C., the winner will receive two nights of lodging at the DACOR Bacon House.
Eligibility: Nominees must be spouses, family members, EFM domestic partners or members of household of FS employees, active or retired. Nominations for the Tragen Award should be sent to DACOR by email to  sbrock@dacorbacon.org or by fax to 202-842-3295.

Format for Nominations: Nominations for both the SOSA and Tragen Awards are not to exceed three double-spaced pages (Word document only) and must include the following: nominee’s full name; the relationship to the direct-hire employee or retiree; the nominee’s email address; the nominator’s name and relationship to the nominee; a justification for the nomination with specifics related to criteria; and the name of the nominee’s hometown newspaper and U.S. representative in Congress.

Check with your CLO or Management Officer at post for a copy of the State Department cable (State 00056848) that outlines the nomination procedures and requirements for both awards.

Deadline for nominations for both awards is September 6, 2013.

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