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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Check this out....

Here is a link to a new blog from Jennifer S   http://365baddays.blogspot.com/
 And she was kind enough to share with us a little about her blog:  

I think when people find out that you are being left behind while your spouse is on an unaccompanied tour in a far away and dangerous place, they naturally want to make you feel better. This leads to all sorts of unhelpful advice and lots of reminders of how things could be worse. I fully realize that things could be worse, like that my children could be starving in the Sudan or that they didn’t have Skype during the Vietnam War. However, knowing those facts doesn’t make me feel any better. Some well-meaning but thoroughly unhelpful person suggested that I write a gratitude journal. But I am so not the gratitude journal type. Then I got the idea that if I could find someone who is having a worse day than me for ridiculous reasons and I could laugh about it, then that might make me feel better.

So that is the purpose of the blog—to make me laugh and to feel grateful for small, silly things. It’s had a few other benefits as well. My husband now knows a little better what I’m going through while he’s away. The kids look forward to reading it and give me completely useless advice, but it’s still a bonding experience for us. And several of my friends who are left-behind-spouses, say that it helps to know that someone else is going through the same things as they are.

If it helps anyone else, that would be gravy, but at the very least, it is helping me. And if you have any nominations for someone who is having a really bad day that we can laugh about, I’d love to hear about it.

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