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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How much is that doggy in the window

Dogs, cats, guinea pigs we all seem to have some kind of pet or do you say companion animal?! 

And everyone knows our pets are important members of our families;  "whose picture do you have on your phone?"  Many of you (me included) have a picture of the cat or the dog, for me it's both my dogs.  *If they look like they are climbing in a tree in this photo-you're right they are......

So I know for many of you a big concern when you leave on your unaccompanied tour is what to do with your cat or dog.  I have tried to pull together a few sites to help you think about solutions. 

The website Foster Dogs is an excellent site to find links, articles plus it has good ideas on the concept of fostering.
They have links for long term boarding, military pets and I like the section on laws that affect fostering.

Operation Noble Foster is another place to look for possible foster homes or you may like to volunteer to be a foster home.  If your wife or husband is leaving for a year overseas maybe your children would enjoy helping someone else by babysitting their cat or dog.  To learn more visit:
I found this article interesting on dogs and memory.  I guess dogs really do "live in the moment"

Why can I not talk to my dog over Skype?
Jean Hamman, Brighouse
There are two possible explanations why dogs find it hard to hear or recognise your voice over Skype. Firstly, Skype (and voice telephone systems in general) are optimised to transmit frequencies between 500Hz and 4kHz. This provides an acceptable approximation of the frequency range of speech for human ears, but dogs have a much wider hearing range and so clipping the higher frequencies might be more significant to them than it is to us, to the point where Fido no longer recognises your voice.

The second and more fundamental problem is that dogs seem to have only a rudimentary ‘Theory of Mind’ (ToM). This is the cognitive ability to imagine the mental state of others. Without an adequate ToM, your dog might well be hearing your voice, but have no reason to suppose that the disembodied sound is related to you in any way.

Submitted by Luis Villazon
  Sounds reasonable but I still have my husband hold the phone to the dogs ear...:)

Also don't forget to post your favorite photos of your pet or maybe look for pet friends on
Foreign Service Tails http://fstails.blogspot.com/ 

What are your concerns with your dogs, cats, birds?  

Who is taking care of your pet? 

Would you like to see a foster care system for UT pets? 

Do you have a business that would care for pets? 

Write us at FLOaskUT@state.gov or leave a comment on this blog.

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